Thursday, August 8, 2019


Lion d'Afrique by Clément Bardot via Wikimedia Commons

Until further notice, Astrology Dialogues is on sabbatical from this wonderful and ancient mystical tradition. 

Enjoy the last days of heartfelt Leo energy. Bask in the sun (but don't burn yourself) and roar! Be prepared to enter the realm of discerning Virgo on August 23.

Monday, July 8, 2019


Total Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 in Novosibirsk, Russia
                         Photo by Aaron Scott Willeke via Wikimedia Commons


The month of July brings us eclipse season. As you may recall, twice a month the moon intersects the Earth’s orbital plane at points referred to as the nodes. When the moon travels south to north, that point is called the ascending node (or North Node). Conversely, when the moon travels north to south that point is the descending node (or South Node). These are the events of the New Moon and Full Moon, and when they are close to these nodes, eclipses will occur. 

The interpretation of the significance of eclipses in the practice of astrology has evolved over time. In centuries past, eclipses were seen as harbingers of emotionally turbulent times that often coincided with catastrophic events. In modern times, astrologers may be less extreme in their interpretations, but practitioners acknowledge that eclipses can signal powerful events associated with change. Because eclipses have been known to “shed light” on issues in our lives, the reality of factors concerning these situations become clearer. Our ability to see truths is what has the potential to catalyze change. This will be particularly true for collective bodies or individuals whose natal charts are affected by the degree placements and aspects to the nodes. Thus, when we are most strongly affected by these eclipses, we experience releases from relationships or situations and opportunities for new beginnings. 

The first in the pair of eclipses is the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 2 at 10°37′ Cancer. The themes related to the sign of Cancer are highlighted at this eclipse. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a water sign that is concerned with the maternal, as well as issues related to nurturing and care giving. This sign of the crab is generally concerned with the home and domestic issues. Because this eclipse occurs at the North Node, we can achieve greater wholeness by embracing more Cancerian qualities. 

If you or your significant others have planets in your natal chart at this eclipse degree or an adjoining degree of this zodiacal sign, it is likely that changes will come your away. Additionally, those with planets at or near 10° of other cardinal signs (Aires, Libra, and Capricorn) might be impacted as well by change.

As I write the narrative for this blog post, the issue of the abuse and neglect of Central American migrant children in U.S. detention camps has once again surfaced. Last July we also had a pair of eclipses, and the issue of migrant children in U.S. jails became a salient issue during the month of Cancer.  Clearly, not much has changed since that time because of limited action by the powerful, but the light still shines on this behemoth problem.

The degree of this month’s Solar Eclipse is less than three degrees from the natal Sun (13°19′Cancer) of the U.S. natal chart, calculated for July 4, 1776¸ the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress. For whom was this independence meant for in 1776? At that time, independence was not for women of any color because they could not vote, and it certainly didn’t pertain to African-American slaves or to Native Americans, groups who were maligned and had no or limited rights. Each year at the Solar Return, we have the opportunity to meditate on the topic of what are American values and how are they applied in this country. This year, because of the proximity of this solar eclipse to the natal Cancer Sun, we might ask what needs to CHANGE in the treatment of mothers and their children. We citizens must face the truth that the U.S. is one of only three countries (along with Somalia and South Sudan) that did not sign the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, an international treaty passed in 1989 by 190 countries. Perhaps this is the time to revisit that failure and to correct it. 

We have the second eclipse at the Full Buck Moon on July 16 at 24°04′ Capricorn, which is a Lunar Eclipse. Interestingly enough, the natal U.S. Pluto (27°33′) is involved in this eclipse, since it falls three degrees within this event. On the day of the eclipse, transiting Pluto in retrograde motion, will be at 21°50′ Capricorn. As you know, Saturn is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn. Thus, Pluto and Capricorn themes are very pronounced at this time. Additionally, transiting Pluto and Capricorn are presently 5° apart but will be exactly conjunct next January 12. Consequently, this eclipse symbolism is focusing on unfinished business of the past (South Node lunar symbolism) that involve power and regeneration (Pluto) and structures (Saturn). Capricorn is often associated with those in authority and responsibility. Because this is a time of releasing (a South Node function), this eclipse is urging us to let go of that which has decayed (Pluto) and concrete forms (Saturn) that are no longer functional. 


First Week (July 1-6)

This is the week of the Total Solar Eclipse, which occurs on Tuesday. Some individuals might become aware of issues that are revealed in their personal lives or at their work. Additionally, we might hear some interesting revelations at the societal level. 

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is: A clown caricaturing well known personalities. For some, a way to achieve some lightness around profound issues is to mimic the powerful. This has been done for centuries by those with less power. It has become part of our standard entertainment to watch comedians spoof political figures or other high profile personalities. Although we might undertake measures to support our position, sometimes things do not go our way and we must make lemons out of lemonade by adding some humor to the situation. Humor too can be powerful because it imparts a message that might not be heard by a sector of society that does not follow serious subject matter through other mediums.This is the week to appreciate the likes of Jimmy Dore, Michael Moore, Stephen Colbert and others.

On the very same day as the Solar Eclipse, the planet Mars shifts into creative Leo, a sign that loves the light shone on its natives. Mars, a doer sign, wants lots of recognition while it’s in this sign and it wants to feel special. This is the time when we might want to assume leadership in some endeavor. Hopefully, there is not a call for military invention, but if it is, it might be done on a grand scale. Whatever the case, it’s a time for risk-taking and gambling. 

Meanwhile, Venus, the planet of relationships and resources leaves chatty Gemini and moves into Cancer on July 4. We might gravitate to projects within the home or that center on our children. This would be a great time for making domestic changes and undertaking home improvements. 

Second Week (July 7-13)

This week appears to be one where there is a lot of activity. We might be busy “doing” or being self-reflective.

Mercury retrograde begins on Sunday, July 7. When retrogrades occur, the planet involved is in its closest proximity to earth. Consequently, the qualities of the planet in retrograde motion will be magnified to those of us on earth. This is why we often sense during a Mercury retrograde period that we are perceiving the outer world in a different way. Additionally, our communication with others might be misunderstood or not clear. Because of  the confusion surrounding the “amping up” of the communication function, we need to be aware of the pitfalls at this time in order to keep things on track. 

Venus is that part of us that seeks cooperation and love. For most of the month, Venus is playing Domestic Goddess as she transits home-oriented Cancer. But on Monday, July 8 she contemplates an electrifying opportunity of some sort or perhaps a flirtation with an unusual person with whom she senses a magnetic attraction (Venus sextile Uranus). While she is usually the commitment type, she has a strong urge for freedom. No matter how serious or casual we are, it’s time to talk and show romance (Mercury and Mars in Leo in a conjunction).

Saturn and the North Node are in exact opposition on July 9. Because the North Node represents our potential for growth, we need to understand how Saturn energy might affect us at this time. We know that Saturn is concerned with contraction, with setting limits, and with earned rewards. Therefore, at this time, we might be getting some messages that in order to obtain our goals, we might need to be more focused and conserve our energies for what matters. Also, a little extra grit might result in us seeing the fruits of our labor in a shorter timeframe. 

This week you make plans to get your domestic environment together. Then you have lunch with a friend and he tells you about his awesome vacay in the Amazon. Suddenly, your quest for adventure conflicts with your plans to spend the next three weekends cleaning out the garage. Hey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start reading about the destination of your dreams. On second thought, you realize that a streamlined home will free you up to tackle other responsibilities. (Sun quincunx Jupiter; Sun opposition Saturn; Sun conjunct the North Node).

On Thursday and Friday, you sense an inner compatibility between your maverick side and your need for delving into the more imaginative and creative side of life. You might find satisfaction in teaching or mentoring others at work or in your private life. Be aware at the end of the workweek of an unexpected situation that could be contentious.(Sun quintile Uranus; Sun trine Neptune; Mars trine Chiron; Mars square Uranus).

Third Week (July 14-20)

Venus is a focus of much of the week’s astrological activities. Therefore, you can expect issues around relationships, cooperation, financial resources, and values. 

On Sunday, July 14, a few drinks in celebration of Bastille Day might loosen us up to bring up a matter that we feel needs to be exposed. Since we are in eclipse season, it is a fitting time to dig up and shed light on a matter that concerns us. (Sun in opposition to Pluto).

On  July 16 we have a Full Buck Moon  and Lunar Eclipse at 24°04′ Capricorn. Every Full Moon is a time that marks the highpoint in the lunar cycle. It is a time to exhibit an outcome of the intentions we set at the New Moon two weeks before. 

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is: A Store Filled with Precious Oriental Rugs. Certainly, oriental rugs represent a cultural tradition. They eventually became works of art and useful objects to affluent individuals outside of the Persian culture. Perhaps when psychic Elsie Wheeler interpreted zodiac degrees in the form of symbolism, oriental rugs were items of great value. However, I read in a 2018 issue of the New York Times that the market value is down for oriental rugs because they are not coveted by the rich as they were in the past. Yet because this is an old symbol, I see this as representing something precious and accessible to relatively few people, shall we call them the “one percent.” The fact that transiting Pluto is near this degree suggests that we are in an era of transforming the definition of what we value. Additionally, there are tensions between the U.S. and Iran, the latter being the original producer of these fine rugs. There appears to be a synchronicity here with our times and the issues that are prominent in our country and on the international front.

Our experience with relationships might evolve during the week. Early on astrological aspects indicate that our conservative approach in relating doesn’t mesh with any influences that want to take a risky and indulgent approach. (Venus quincunx Jupiter). We might be in a holding pattern with relationships (Venus in opposition to Saturn). As the week advances, we find the sensitivity we need in this area, particularly if we take an unconventional perspective. Ultimately, we are able to find satisfaction by tapping into the spiritual realm (Venus conjunct the North Node; Venus quintile Uranus; and Venus trine Neptune)

On July 18, Mercury retrograde moves from Leo to Cancer where it will remain all month. Communication will be influenced by the changes of the Moon, since that is the ruler of Cancer.

Fourth Week (July 21-27) 

Sunday could be a day for assessing whether we are being too obsessive in the realms of money or love, or perhaps both. We are in a place where we are able to get some perspective on these matters, because someone else is pointing out our behaviors or if we ourselves have come to that realization. This process could be quite beneficial to our personal growth(Venus in opposition to the North Node). This self-assessment is enhanced by our capacity for tender communication. We just need to be cognizant that the other parties involved might be very sensitive during this time when Cancer energy is strong. (Sun conjunct Mercury).

Midweek is a time when discussions about relationships, cooperative agreements, international diplomacy, and things of value are highlighted. Because Mercury is retrograde, make sure to clarify if you understood others correctly (Mercury conjunct Venus). 

On the other hand, Thursday and Friday are days when we want to get things done. On Thursday, we might go overboard in whatever we undertake, but we may just have luck on our side (Mars trine Jupiter). On Friday, we might encounter some barriers in whatever project we had tried to accomplish. It could yet happen if we make the needed adjustments (Mars quincunx Saturn).

Fifth Week (July 28-31)

On Sunday, our energy might be on the low side as the Moon is balsamic, the last phase in the lunar cycle. Consequently, it might be best to tie up loose ends on existing projects. 

Monday brings a shift in the way we experience the realm of Venus (relationships, values, resources) as this planet moves from Cancer into Leo. We might notice that we begin craving fun experiences and we need attention too!

Our energy begins to build once again when we have the second New Moon of the month on July 31. This occurs at 8°36′ Leo. The Sabian symbol for this degree is: Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Vases With Their Controlled Breathing. This suggests a time when we gain satisfaction and a lovely outcome when we meld our fiery spirituality with our creative energy. Of course, we can apply this concept of giving something form in a number of endeavors.

This is a very Leonine day, as we have the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in Leo. Yes, I know it’s a work day for many, but why not make it a point to have a little fun today!


Saturday, June 1, 2019


Gemini colored engraving by Sidney Hall from Wellcome Collection Gallery
via Wikimedia Commons


In June, we continue to be under the influence of the energies of Saturn and Pluto conjunct the South Node, all in serious Capricorn. The faster planet, Saturn, in retrograde motion, is moving away from Pluto, which is also moving very slowly in retrograde motion. However, Saturn will reverse its direction to forward motion in September and Pluto will do the same in October. Consequently, by January 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be exactly conjunct at 22°46′ in Capricorn. 

What does this all this Saturn and Pluto transit information mean? Although many astrologers refrain from predicting events, they instead focus on the energetic themes represented by planetary relationships. In the case of this duo, I will discuss the dynamics operating right now in June. Many western astrologers view the South Node as representing our past. The sign it transits provides clues to the habits and experience we’ve cultivated to date. Some astrologers believe if we are to grow, we need to incorporate the qualities represented by the North Node (now in Cancer). The water sign of Cancer is known for its desire to nurture and protect and for its deep compassion. Because Pluto and Saturn are presently conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, the symbolism suggests that there are Capricorn issues that we need to purge (Pluto) and restructure (Saturn). It could also represent the influence of the oligarchy (Pluto) on economic structures (Saturn). 

At the inception of Pluto's entry into Capricorn in 2008, many astrologers were of the opinion that there would be a societal focus on how our economic systems have decayed and there would be a widespread call for transforming this realm. Because Pluto is currently conjoining the South Node, the notion of RELEASE is strong. Therefore, the symbolism operating during this month of June suggests the need to discard old patterns to make way for new approaches and structures. 

The energy reflected in major planetary relationships (i.e. aspects) can often be observed before and after the exact aspect. As we approach the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020, we have already witnessed outward manifestations of this energetic quality. For example, there has been much focus in the news about the terms of trade deals and the renegotiation of particular treaties. We are observing tariff wars and monetary inflation. Moreover, we hear about considerable discontent expressed by people throughout the world concerning the unhealthy state of both local economies and the global economy as a whole.  

We have a New Moon on Monday, June 3. This occurs at 3:01 AM PDT when the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 12°34′ Gemini. This resetting of our emotional perspective suggests that over the next month we might be analytic about our feelings and accordingly, we could prefer to express our emotions through talking or writing. 

An expert in the Sabian Symbols, Lynda Hill tells us that 12° Gemini is represented by the message “A Slave-Girl Demands Her Rights Of Her Mistress.” This concept urges us to challenge those who disrespect us and to stand up for ourselves. We need to pursue a path of self-determination. Broadly speaking, this perspective can apply to many people in various situations. From my perspective, I find this to be particularly relevant to women in these times as they demand better treatment in situations of sexual harassment. Moreover, a woman’s right to choose has become a major issue again as many states turn back the clock. These states want to further criminalize women and their doctors for particular reproductive health decisions. 

In this month’s lunation cycle we have the Full Moon on Monday, June 17. This occurs at 1:31 AM PDT when the Moon is at 25°53′ Sagittarius. Lynda Hill taells us that this degree point is symbolized by the image of A FLAG-BEARER IN A BATTLE. This represents a time for standing up for your principles, whatever the cause. This is about having courage and the willingness to lead.

The planets that will change signs this month are Mercury and Venus. Fast-moving Mercury will enter mellow Cancer on June 5 and will shift into expressive Leo on June 28. Venus will leave Taurus, a sign it rules, and move into social butterfly Gemini on June 9. 

Two planets, Mars and Mercury are out of bounds at the beginning of the month. Mars in Cancer is out of bounds until June 12 while Mercury in Cancer is out of bounds until June 17. When planets are out of bounds, they are said to display the planet’s function in a more exaggerated fashion. Given that these planets are both in Cancer, they might behave in a more protective and defensive way rather than in outward manner. 

When planets go retrograde, the expression of their planet’s function is turned inward. This month, Neptune goes retrograde on June 21 and won’t change direction until late November. We might note subtle shifts in matters dealing with spirituality, imagination, and artistic expression.


First Week (June 1-8)

Saturday marks the beginning of June and we might have to decide between two very different perspective and activities. Do we keep it light and indulge our senses or do we accept the challenge of more adventure (Venus in Taurus quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius). The next day, it appears that we find a way to be both indulgent and responsible(Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn). 

If we are conscious of the possibilities of being “out of bounds” with our words and our aggression, we have the opportunity at the end of the week to find an appropriate balance in expressing sensitivity to the needs of others with our commitment to being authentic to our values. It will involve some effort but the situation is ripe for this. (This is reflected in Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus).

With respect to a health issue, we might feel conflicted about how to handle a matter. On the one hand we have an “I’ll wait and see if this goes away” attitude. On the other hand we might want to find a quick fix. We eventually find a resolution that brings us a sense of harmony. (This energy is represented in Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries and the Sun quintile Chiron). 

Second Week (June 9-15)

On Sunday, we are in tune with our imagination and spirituality and we might just want to BE. Yet, all the Gemini energy might provide the impetus for wanting to be seen and to socialize with others. (This is one interpretation of the aspects of Venus in Gemini quintile Neptune and the Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces).

On Monday, we could be better off discussing the thinking behind our work projects rather to expect tangible outcomes today. We might have differences with our colleagues about short-term strategies versus long-term plans. (This could be one interpretation of the Sun in Gemini quincunx Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius).

The action planet Mars is busy this week. Mars in Cancer is still out of bounds when it quintiles the disruptive planet Uranus on Tuesday. Simultaneously, Mars is opposing Saturn and Pluto, which are conjuncting the South Node. Some unresolved issue on the domestic front, at work, or in the world might explode at this time. It could signal that we are long overdue in addressing this issue. This does not mean that the worst possible scenario will occur, but it is likely that we can expect some stressful situations. 

Various efforts might result to calm the tensions of this period. We could see peacemakers emerge (Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces) in an attempt to avoid the harshest strategies being discussed (Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn). This is an appropriate time for some out-of-the-box thinking in diplomatic discussions (Mercury in Cancer quintile Uranus in Taurus) in order to move us into positive growth (Mercury in Cancer conjunct the North Node in Cancer). This activity will require adjustments by those involved (Mars in Cancer quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius).

Third Week (June 16-22)

The theme of communication and networking are strong this week because of Mercury’s prominence. Our thinking might be quite imaginative, an excellent state for creative writing or some design or craft project. On the societal front, this could also signal the need for peaceful negotiations. (Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces). Additionally, we might face a situation where big plans might seem incompatible with our here and now orientation (Mercury in Cancer quincunx Jupiter). Also, we could be faced with a situation where we have to choose  between a sensitive approach or more severe measures (Mercury in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn). Later in the week, our communication might be quite assertive (Mercury in Cancer conjunct Mars in Cancer) and we could face off with some powerful forces (Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn). 

Also strong this week are the concepts of peacemaking, spirituality, and imagination because Neptune is significantly involved in aspects. A situation demands de-escalation through diplomatic and peaceful approaches (Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces). Furthermore, we could see that imaginative approaches will pay off in producing concrete outcomes (Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces).

Fourth Week (June 23-30) 

The Venusian themes of relationships and resources are powerful this week. Through their quintile aspect, Venus and Chiron find harmony this week, signaling that at this time relationships can be healing or that investing resources in our health might be the best strategy. Now transiting the air sign Gemini, Venus is more interested in figuring things out through the mind and engaging in light-hearted networking. In Gemini, Venus doesn’t need to spend time in philosophizing like her date Jupiter, but she likes his fun attitude (Venus in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius). She’s even less inclined to find much in common with someone too serious (Venus in Gemini quincunx Saturn in Capricorn). Under the guise of Gemini, Venus the bookworm feels a little friction with airy fairy types at the moment (Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces). Venus is also steering clear of those heavy duty power mongers (Venus in Gemini quincunx Pluto in Capricorn).

This week we might benefit from viewing the world from the perspective of a maverick. Our personal or societal growth might hinge on seizing opportunities that are avant-garde and revolutionary (Uranus quintile the North Node and the Sun sextile Uranus).