My Perspective & Approach

I believe that the power of astrology lies in its ability to help us learn about ourselves, both our gifts and our challenges. We sometimes lose sight of what we need for greater personal fulfillment. Consequently, we benefit by becoming reacquainted with ourselves in order to proceed with our personal growth process. This self-knowledge can help us clarify choices about various aspects of our lives. 

I have chosen to specialize in the area of vocational profiling, which assists clients in the process of selecting a first career or making career changes later in life.You might also use this information to develop a fun hobby or to find rewarding volunteer work.

I view my role as an astrologer as being similar to that of a translator, but rather than speaking another foreign language, I am interpreting the rich, mystical language of astrology. Although some may associate astrology with predictions, I do not predict outcomes. Instead, I want to facilitate a process that helps others consciously choose the avenue that best works for them. The astrology consultation may offer individuals another perspective on their lives, or it may also confirm what they already know about themselves. 

Aside from the lives we lead in our home and at our job, we belong to a local community and a larger society. The health of the environment and our local and global economies may influence the extent of our success. The predominant values in our society may also shape our path. I believe that it is as necessary to participate in efforts to transform our societal structures, as it is to make personal changes.