About Me

Christine Gonzalez

I have been fascinated by metaphysics and the occult since adolescence. Over 20 years ago, this deep interest led me to the exploration of astrology. I began the formal study of this discipline in San Francisco with evolutionary astrologer Joyce Van Horn, and later in Los Angeles, I attended classes taught by astrologer Jim Sher. Since then, I have studied astrology on my own and I have attended workshops facilitated by prominent astrologers, such as Noel Tyl, Sue Tompkins, Faye Cossar, and many others. I value the opportunity I have had to learn from these professionals who are widely respected in the field of humanistic astrology. 

A native Californian, I attended UCLA as an undergraduate, and I completed graduate studies at the School of Social Welfare at the University of California at Berkeley. In my early career, I held various administrative positions in nonprofit organizations. Later, I explored various vocations, which included work as a planning and evaluation consultant, a research interviewer, and a writer. I have worked in both the nonprofit and business sectors.
The goal of my consulting services is to offer clients information that might facilitate greater self-knowledge as they search for a meaningful vocation. Through astrology, I provide a framework for others to identify their unique needs and talents so they can become their most authentic selves.