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Venus in the manuscript Spherae coelestis et planetarum description

By Cristoforo de Predis (1440-1486)
World Digital Library, Library of Congress in partnership with the Estense Library of Modena, Italy

The Big Picture in October

With three planets moving direct in October, we are preparing to unveil our revised projects for a test drive. Up until this month, new projects might have felt like they were in a holding pattern. The three planets providing this forward impetus in October are Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Pluto, the power planet, begins moving direct on October 6. Four days later, Saturn, the planet that builds structures and formulates systems starts its forward motion. Finally, Jupiter, the planet of long-range planning (as well as philanthropy, publishing, higher education) initiates its direct orbit on October 17.

However, our project launch might still require some rethinking and tweaking. This is because Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and commerce, is in retrograde motion until October 18 and will still be in its post-retrograde shadow until November 2. Although delays can be annoying, we can also acknowledge that we can build additional expertise when we do fixes to our projects and this allows us to bring forth a higher quality product.

Venus, the planet of relationships and resources, figures prominently in October. First of all, those planets in Libra or Taurus this month will report to her. This includes the Sun, which will be in Libra until late evening of October 22. Also reporting to Venus are Mercury, in Libra all month; Mars, which transits Libra through October 29; and finally, slow-moving Uranus, which remains at 13° Taurus all month. 

Another Venus phenomenon this month is her “out of bounds” orbit, which begins on October 9. When a planet exceeds the declination degrees of the Sun, the planet operates in ways that vary from its typical characteristics. With Venus out-of-bounds, we could see ourselves behave uncharacteristically in the areas of relationships, values, and matters involving our financial resources or possessions. Consequently, we can expect our Venus in Sagittarius self to “do its own thing” in October. It’s a time when we let our hearts and our dollars (or bitcoins) fall where they may.

Throughout the month, Venus forms nine major aspects with other planets, indicating a busy calendar of activities. During the first week of October, Venus is in the late degrees of Scorpio, so she can be somewhat intense until she begins her transit of Sagittarius on October 7. She might be inclined to delve into deep psychological territory when she encounters Saturn in a quintile relationship on October 2. Because Venus in Scorpio is in mutual reception with Mars in Libra, the energy flows quite nicely.  Later, on October 16, Venus in Sagittarius forms a quintile with Jupiter that could result in more jovial creativity. On October 19, Venus meets up with unorthodox Uranus in Taurus in a quincunx relationship. To their surprise, they discover that their oddball ways are not on the same wavelength but one or both might consider adjusting their expectations. But when Venus encounters Neptune in Pisces on October 30, she determines that this square relationship is just too stressful, perhaps because Venus wants some tangible results, and well, Neptune is just too vague about goals.

Venus rules the first lunation of the month, the New Moon in Libra (13°25′) on October 26. At this New Moon, we have Mars conjunct the Sun and the Moon. This adds a very active quality to our feeling mode. We are moved by all things Venusian that relate to Libra, such as harmony, justice, diplomacy, relationships, and the fine arts.

As the ruler of the sign of the Ram, active Mars is associated with the Full Moon at 27°26ʹ Aries on October 20. On this day, Mars and the Sun still form a conjunction within four degrees of one another. Full Moons are often associated with a hectic pace, and I would expect no less at this lunation because Mars is particularly strong. Be alert for feelings of confrontation. Hopefully, we can steer clear of road rage incidents and keep our distance from those who carry armaments.   

Significant Days in October

Below you will find a table of astrological events for this month, including the major aspects, the key lunations, and sign changes for the planets. You can assess the quality of significant days by noting when planets form exact aspects and where all this activity takes place in your natal chart.

Here is a basic key for understanding the meaning of the aspects:

The Conjunction (0°-10°): This aspect represents the merging and fusion of energies by two (or more planets) that have joined at a particular degree (or within a specified orb). This combined energy is very potent. When this occurs, we might feel subjective about a matter in our lives.

The Sextile (60°): Planets in this formation are harmonious and lend themselves to cooperation. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says there is a quality of “coaxing” in sextiles. In other words, if we put in a little effort at these times, we can take advantage of opportunities in a situation.

The Quintile (72°): Planets in this aspect represent the type of harmony inherent in creative endeavors. It might often describe the impulse to fuse an idea into a tangible substance. Quintiles often describe the talents possessed by individuals.

The Square (90°): Planets that line up in this aspect reflect incompatible energies with contrasting needs. Consequently, we can describe this planetary relationship as tense and strained. Because these energies can be working at cross-purposes, the situation at hand may require us to make choices. The “silver lining” is that squares compel us to take action and this often results in dispelling tension. If we are conscious of the dilemma, we can use the excess energy in a matter so that we can achieve something useful.

The Trine (120°): There is an ease in the relationship between planets involved with this aspect because they are of the same element. At this time, we can perform activities with a flowing energy. We enjoy these activities, and they often reflect our innate talents. Because this energy is so comfortable, it often does not promote growth. Yet, these aspects reflect how we can be healed.

The Quincunx (150°): Planets forming this relationship appear to have nothing in common. These planets display energies that are out of step with one another. There can be an element of irritation and stress because of this, but it is not a confrontative type of energy. If we are conscious of this reality, we can make adjustments to the relationship such that we do not feel so out of sync.

The Opposition (180°): This relationship between planets brings to our awareness how something is different from our preferred position. We could be in conflict with others about a matter. Also, we might shift our preference from one point of view to its opposite. Yet, we can also find common ground in this relationship. This aspect has the potential for us to integrate our perspectives.



Date of Exact Aspect

Pacific Time

Astrological Event

October 1

6:00 AM

MARS (10 Libra 45) opposition CHIRON (10 Ari 45)

October 1

7:26 AM

MERCURY (24 Lib 19) square PLUTO (24 Cap 19)

October 2

12:47 AM

VENUS (24 Sco 19) sextile PLUTO (24 Cap 19)

October 2

2:08 PM

VENUS (24 Sco 56) quintile SATURN (06 Aqu 56)

October 3

8:51 AM

SUN (10 Lib 39) opposition CHIRON (10 Ari 39)

October 3

5:05 PM

MERCURY (22 Lib 40) trine JUPITER (22 Aqu 40)

October 5

6:53 AM

MERCURY (21 Lib 13) quincunx NEPTUNE (21 Pis 13)

October 6

2:26 AM

MARS (13 Lib 56) quincunx URANUS (13 Tau 56)

October 6

4:05 AM

NEW MOON in Libra (13 Lib 25)

October 6

11:29 AM

PLUTO turns Direct (24 Cap 19)

October 6

4:11 PM

SUN (13 Lib 55) quincunx URANUS (13 Tau 55)

October 7

4:21 AM

VENUS enters Sagittarius

October 7

9:01 PM

SUN (15 Lib 06) conjunction MARS (15 Lib 06)

October 9

9:18 AM

SUN (16 Lib 36) conjunction MERCURY (16 Lib 36)

October 9

3:48 PM

MERCURY (16 Lib 16) conjunction MARS (16 Lib 16)

October 9

8:03 PM


October 10

7:17 PM

SATURN turns Direct (06 Aqu 53)

October 11

10:29 PM

MERCURY (13 Lib 44) quincunx URANUS (13 Tau 44)

October 13

12:26 PM

VENUS (6 Sag 53) sextile SATURN (6 Aqu 53)

October 13

8:31 PM

SUN (21 Lib 01) quincunx NEPTUNE (21 Pis 01)

October 15

4:46 AM

SUN (22 Lib 20) trine JUPITER (22 Aqu 20)

October 16

11:49 AM

VENUS (10 Sag 04) trine CHIRON (10 Ari 04)

October 16

5:31 PM

MARS (20 Lib 57) quincunx NEPTUNE (20 Pis 57)

October 16

5:48 PM

VENUS (10 Sag 19)) quintile JUPITER(22 Aqu 19)

October 16

6:23 PM

MERCURY (10 Lib 22) sextile VENUS (10 Sag 22)

October 17

5:12 AM

SUN (24 Lib 20) square PLUTO (24 Cap 20)

October 17

10:30 PM

JUPITER turns Direct (22 Aqu 20)

October 18

8:17 AM

MERCURY turns Direct (10 Lib 08)

October 18

7:36 PM

MARS (22 Lib 20) trine JUPITER (22 Aqu 20)

October 19

4:15 PM

VENUS (13 Sag 26) quincunx URANUS (13 Tau 26)

October 20

7:57 AM

FULL MOON in Aries (27 Ari 26)

October 21

9:19 PM

MARS (24 Lib 22) square PLUTO (24 Cap 22)

October 22

9:51 PM

SUN enters Scorpio

October 24

10:45 AM

MERCURY (13 Lib 15) quincunx URANUS (13 Tau 15)

October 26

6:06 PM

VENUS (20 Sag 45) square NEPTUNE (20 Pisces 45)

October 28

12:15 PM

VENUS (22 Sag 31) sextile JUPITER (22 Aqu 31)

October 30

2:53 AM

SUN (07 Sco 11) square SATURN (07 Aqu 11)

October 30

7:21 AM

MARS enters Scorpio

October 30

12:40 PM

MERCURY (20 Lib 41) quincunx NEPTUNE (20 Pic 41)


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