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The Rape of Proserpine  

By Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) via Wikimedia


The Big Picture in October

When I analyze the astrological events each month, I take note of which planetary aspects, sign changes, and other phenomenon I  see as potentially having the strongest influence in the coming month. In October 2020, I’ll be watching the following cosmic activity:

·        Pluto’s return to direct motion. Pluto is also significant this month as the ruler of Scorpio.  Additionally, Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars, a planet with which it has an exact aspect this month.

·        Mars retrograde square (exact) Pluto

·        Mercury retrograde and shadow periods

·        Uranus aspects

·        Venus representing issues of the feminine and her rulership over the signs Libra and Taurus. I also include the Moon as a significator of the feminine.

My sense is that October 2020 will be a month that stands out, probably for many reasons. One set of phenomena that makes October unusual is that it there will be TWO full moons. The first of these on October 1 is the “hot” full moon in Aries that begins the month. This first full moon conjuncts Chiron, the “Wounded Healer” that reminds us of our vulnerabilities and the need to heal ourselves and others. This cosmic body also symbolizes teaching and mentoring. Additionally at the end of the month, we have a second full moon. When a month has two full moons, the second one is called the Blue Moon, and ours this month falls on Halloween! This last full moon will conjunct Uranus, the planet that alerts us to “expect the unexpected.”

Power and conflicts are highlighted this month by their astrological symbols, Pluto and Mars.  Pluto in Capricorn returns to direct motion on October 5. As retrograde Mars in Aries proceeds with his backward motion, he once again forms an exact square with Pluto on October 9. We can prepare for this explosive potential in our personal lives, and watch for this volatility in our social environment.

One doesn’t need to know astrology to anticipate power struggles in October. Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September, we saw the power grab for her seat as the Chief Executive and his political party moved to nominate and schedule confirmation hearings for a woman opposed to a woman’s right to choose. From my vantage point, I see the potential for American women losing ground in legal rights for self-determination.

Media has reported that Amy Coney Barrett, the judicial nominee, belongs to a religious group that encourages married members to ascribe by a lifestyle where the husbands are spiritual advisers to their wives, and hence, the ultimate decision-makers. This example of an imbalance of male-female power reminded me of the stories in classic mythology where a woman is abducted against her will. In the Reubens painting at the beginning of this article, Pluto (Hades) is seen capturing Proserpine, or also known as Persephone, whom he will take to the underworld. The Persephone myth is explained in the world of psychology and astrology as a symbolic process of spiritual rebirth culminating with positive growth. However, I viewing this symbolism of Pluto/Hades in a more literal way. The act of abduction reflects social norms where women are not considered worthy of equal rights and treatment. Pluto/Hades does not present Persephone with a choice. Hence, if Roe v Wade is overturned, women will lose their ability to make choices.

Pluto rules the sign Scorpio, which is prominent this month in the guise of Mercury and the Sun. Mercury, which is associated with the dissemination of information, will be transiting Scorpio until the 27th, when it moves back into Libra. We know that a Scorpio talent is research and investigation. Scorpio probes deeply to expose what has been hidden, oftentimes unsavory and taboo material. The public has recently been made aware of Donald Trump’s tax returns, which revealed his financial woes. I counted ten Mercury aspects in October, so I would expect that we will have the opportunity to learn about many new pieces of information, either in our personal lives or in the social realm.

At the beginning of the month, we find Mercury in its pre-retrograde shadow, where it remains until October 13, when it begins moving backward. Mercury will turn direct on November 3, which is Election Day, but it will then be in its post-retrograde shadow. We know that during Mercury retrograde periods we are prone to misunderstandings, equipment malfunctions, and mistakes. Needless to say, with an important election season upon us, it is worrisome that we could have mishaps combined with intentional misdeeds. Whether in our personal lives or in our social environment, we need to make ourselves hyperaware of communication activities. Check it once, check it twice, and check it three times!

In presidential election years in the U.S., we often hear about the possibility of an “October Surprise,” which is political jargon for a planned or spontaneous news event whose ultimate effect is to influence the outcome of the election.  In astrology, surprises are often associated with Uranus, the planet known as the upper octave of Mercury.  Currently transiting steady and practical Taurus, Uranus will be making contacts with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. If there is a surprise this month, could it involve a woman or a matter concerning women’s issues?

The language of astrology appears to confirm that women and their issues are featured during the month of October. The New Moon is in Libra and the second Full Moon is in Taurus. These two signs are both ruled by Venus. For most of October, Venus is in Virgo, a feminine manifestation of Mercury. The Women’s March organizers are planning an event on October 17, and this might range from in-person gatherings to online virtual presentations. With a natal Libra Sun sign, Kamala Harris will be featured nationwide when she debates Mike Pence on October 7. Lastly, the anti-feminist Amy Coney Barrett will face the Senate Judiciary  Committee the week of October 12.        

Significant Days in October

Below you will find a table of astrological events for this month. You can assess the quality of significant days by noting when planets form exact aspects and where all this activity takes place in your natal chart.

Here is a basic key for understanding the meaning of the aspects:

The Conjunction: This aspect represents the merging and fusion of energies by two (or more planets) that have joined at a particular degree (or within a specified orb). This combined energy is very potent. When this occurs, we might feel subjective about a matter in our lives.

The Sextile (60°): Planets in this formation are harmonious and lend themselves to cooperation. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says there is a quality of “coaxing” in sextiles. In other words, if we put in a little effort at these times, we can take advantage of opportunities in a situation.

The Quintile (72°): Planets in this aspect represent the type of harmony inherent in creative endeavors. It might often describe the impulse to fuse an idea into a tangible substance. Quintiles often describe the talents possessed by individuals.

The Square (90°): Planets that line up in this aspect reflect incompatible energies with contrasting needs. Consequently, we can describe this planetary relationship as tense and strained. Because these energies can be working at cross-purposes, the situation at hand may require us to make choices. The “silver lining” is that squares compel us to take action and this often results in dispelling tension. If we are conscious of the dilemma, we can use the excess energy in a matter so that we can achieve something useful.

The Trine (120°): There is an ease in the relationship between planets involved with this aspect because they are of the same element. At this time, we can perform activities with a flowing energy. We enjoy these activities, and they often reflect our innate talents. Because this energy is so comfortable, it often does not promote growth. Yet, these aspects reflect how we can be healed.

The Quincunx (150°): Planets forming this relationship appear to have nothing in common. These planets display energies that are out of step with one another. There can be an element of irritation and stress because of this, but it is not a confrontative type of energy. If we are conscious of this reality, we can make adjustments to the relationship such that we do not feel so out of sync.

The Opposition (180°): This relationship between planets brings to our awareness how something is different from our preferred position. We could be in conflict with others about a matter. Also, we might shift our preference from one point of view to its opposite. Yet, we can also find common ground in this relationship. This aspect has the potential for us to integrate our perspectives.


Date of Exact or Near Exact Aspect

Pacific Time

Astrological Event

October 1

2:05 PM

Full Moon (9 Aries 08) conjunct Chiron (7 Aries 03)

October 2

6:31 AM

Sun (9 Libra 49) quincunx Uranus (9 Taurus 49)                                         

October 2

1:48 PM

Venus enters Virgo

October 2

10:07  PM

Mercury (6 Scorpio 3) quintile Jupiter (18 Capricorn 3)

October 3

10:55 PM

Mercury (6 Scorpio 57) quincunx Chiron (6 Aries 57)

October 5

6:32 AM

Pluto turns direct

October 7

1:55 PM

Mercury (9 Scorpio 38) opposition Uranus (9 Taurus 38)

October 8

8:18 AM

Venus  (6 Virgo 45) quincunx  Chiron (6 Aries 45)

October 9

3:53 AM

Mercury (10 Scorpio 29) quintile Pluto (22 Capricorn 29)

October 9

6:09 AM

Mars (22 Aries 30) square Pluto 22 Capricorn 30)

October 10

4:08 PM

Venus (9 Virgo 30) trine Uranus (9 Taurus 30)

October 11

6:34 AM

Sun (18 Libra 42) square Jupiter (18 Capricorn 42)

October 11

8:30 AM

Sun (18 Libra 46) quincunx Neptune (18 Pisces 46)

October 12

12:06 AM

Jupiter (18 Capricorn 45) sextile Neptune (18 Pisces 45)

October 12

9:38 PM

Mercury (11 Scorpio 34) sextile Venus (11 Virgo 34)

October 13

4:26 PM

Sun (21 Libra 05) opposition Mars (21 Aries 05)

October 13

6:05 PM

Mercury (11 Scorpio 40) turns Retrograde

October 15

3:15 AM

Sun (22 Libra 31) square Pluto (22 Capricorn 31)

October 16

12:31 PM

New Moon (23 Libra 53)

October 17

9:02 PM

Mercury (10 Scorpio 31) quintile Pluto (22 Capricorn 31)

October 18

6:58 AM

Sun (25 Libra 39) square Saturn(25 Capricorn 39)

October 18

7:49 AM

Venus (18 Virgo 37) opposition Neptune (18 Pisces 37)

October 18

10:37 PM

Mars (19 Aries 27) square Jupiter (19 Cap 27)

October 19

12:03 AM

Venus (19 Virgo 26) quincunx Mars (19 Aries 26)

 October 19

12:35 AM

Venus (19 Virgo 27) trine Jupiter (19 Cap 27)

October 19

7:53 PM

Mercury (9 Scorpio 09) opposition Uranus (9 Taurus 09)

October 21

8:33 AM

Mercury (7 Scorpio 33) quintile Jupiter (19 Capricorn 43)

October 21

2::42 PM

Venus (22 Virgo 34) trine Pluto (22 Capricorn 34)

October 22

3:59  PM

Sun enters Scorpio

October 22

6:34 PM

Mercury (6 Scorpio 09) quincunx Chiron (6 Aries 09)

October 24

8:40 AM

Venus (25 Virgo 52) trine Saturn (25 Capricorn 52)

October 25

11:23 AM

Sun (2 Scorpio 48) conjunction Mercury (2 Scorpio 48)

October 27

6:33 PM

Mercury Rx moves back into Libra

October 27

6:41 PM

Venus enters Libra

October 28

2:32 PM

Sun (5 Scorpio 55) quincunx Chiron (5 Aries 55

October 31

7:49 AM

Full Moon (8 Taurus 38)  conjunct  Uranus (8 Taurus 41)

October 31

8:53 AM

Sun (8 Scorpio 41) opposition Uranus (8 Taurus 41)

October 31

5:34 PM

Sun (9 Scorpio 02) quintile Jupiter (21 Capricorn 02)


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