Monday, November 14, 2016

Seeing Through the Fog at the Full Moon in Taurus

                                                                      Photo by Chris Gonzalez

In the language of astrology, the Moon symbolizes our emotions and instinctual behaviors that we developed from an early age. At each New Moon, we reset our emotional focus and start anew with intentions. Two weeks later, we reach a period of culmination for what we set in motion at the beginning of this phase. We can now observe more clearly what issues we must address or what people we must negotiate with in order to fulfill our needs. What we did not see previously has now made itself visible at the Full Moon. We have the choice to continue on the path we initiated or make necessary modifications.

On November 14, the Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus, which lightens up our feeling realm and allows us to examine intense emotions, possibly obsessions, that pertain to an emotional matter that presents itself. While we have the power of Taurus emotional practicality working for us, the transiting South Node of the Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune, the planet representing confusion and even deception. The South Node is associated with our emotional past, including old habits and the aspects of life with which we are the most familiar. It is not the path of growth, which is symbolized by the North Node. Perhaps we can work through this seeming dichotomy by clarifying our values so that we remain true to our personal goals. The Taurus Moon and the North Node in Virgo suggest that concrete goals and actions serve our emotional needs well at this time.

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