Sunday, May 8, 2016


Photo by NASA
 According to NASA, Mercury transits of the Sun are rare events that occur only about 13 times a century, or about once every decade. At certain locales on Earth, Mercury will be visible as a tiny black dot as it moves across the face of the Sun. 

Symbolically, from an astrological perspective, what is the significance of Mercury transiting the Sun? Astrologers may have differing views of this phenomenon and the following is my personal take. First of all, the Sun represents the day element and that which is clearly in view, i.e. matters of which we have become conscious. Additionally, solar energy provides us with the will to live and to thrive. Furthermore, it shines its light on what needs attention in our life. 

Generally speaking, we associate Mercury with matters of the mind and communication. Because Mercury is presently in retrograde motion (from our perspective on Earth), this may be a time when we have communications concerning topics we’ve heard before, but perhaps we have additional information regarding this subject. It may represent what appears to be a setback regarding an issue. Nevertheless, whatever emerges as communication, will likely be really BIG NEWS.  Traditionally, Mercury also represented the whole area of commerce. Hence, some area of our economy may be impacted, perhaps in what may be perceived as a loss. 

On a more personal level, this transit will affect an area of our life that is located at 17°32’ of Taurus in our chart. In the April/May 2016 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, Stephanie Austin informs us of the meaning of the Sabian Symbol for this degree. I am paraphrasing her interpretation, but essentially in this moment we are urged to seek the light of our inner truth rather than to engage in a situation where we justify the notion of might makes right.

May this transit bring us the light of wisdom.


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