Saturday, May 7, 2016


At 12:29 pm PDT on May 6, the Moon reached 16° 41’ of Taurus, thereby forming a conjunction with the Sun. This New Moon initiates a lunar cycle that focuses on practical Taurus issues, such as cultivating and taking care of those aspects of life to which we attribute value. With the sign of Taurus, we often think of finances and tangible assets, but Taurus can represent intangible values as well. Ruled by Venus, Taurus symbolizes those qualities that give us pleasure and that make life worth living, like fine chocolates and bubble baths. While financial security might be important to Taurus, so is sensuality.

New Moons are phases when we may set intentions for the next month. At the time of this Taurus New Moon, we also had the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the asteroid Vesta in this sign. This reinforces the need to address Taurus issues over this next month. Although Jupiter will be turning direct on May 9, we still have Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde motion. Hence, this is an opportune time to retune and revise your work, rather than starting new projects.

Taking care of concrete tasks this month is favored. What do you own that needs fixing or restoration? Could any of your rooms benefit from redecorating? Will the quality of your life improve if you revamped your routine to include more sensuality or a greater connection to nature. The most important thing is to reexamine what is of value to YOU.  

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