Saturday, September 12, 2015


Photo by Chris Gonzalez at the Fort Mason Community Garden

We will experience a New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse at 11:41 pm PDT. This particular partial solar eclipse is observable only to those in the most southern portions of the Southern Hemisphere. Each new moon phase begins a new emotional focus for a month’s period of time. Today, we mark the entrance of the emotional energy of Virgo, the sign the Sun is transiting through September 23. This means for the next twelve days, the themes of Virgo will be particularly emphasized.

In this time of impending harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, the Virgo New Moon provides us with the emotional material to separate the wheat from the chaff, metaphorically speaking. Virgo is known for her urge to improve herself and the environment, which necessitates the analytical qualities of discernment and evaluation. From an emotional standpoint, this period is ripe for discarding unhealthy ways that hold us back from optimum growth. It marks a time when we can initiate new practices that assist us in emotional cleansing and a refocusing of our perspectives and actions.

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