Sunday, April 19, 2015


We say goodbye to Aries as the Sun leaves this fiery sign and enters the earthy sign of Taurus on April 20 at 2:41 am PDT. I was reminded of Aires energy when I listened to Tavis Smiley talk about his new book on his long-time friendship with Renaissance woman Maya Angelou, a quintessential Arian woman with a birthday of April 4. 

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Tavis Smiley elaborated on the value Dr. Angelou placed on the quality of courage. Those familiar with astrology know that courage is what Aries natives need to cultivate in order to fulfill their missions as pioneers, trail blazers, and promoters of a cause. In her own words, here is what Maya Angelous had to say about courage:

"One isn’t born with courage. One develops it. And you develop it by doing small, courageous things, in the same way that one wouldn’t set out to pick up 100 pound bag of rice. If that was one’s aim, the person would be advised to pick up a five pound bag, and then a ten pound, and then a 20 pound, and so forth, until one builds up enough muscle to actually pick up 100 pounds. And that’s the same way with courage. You develop courage by doing courageous things, small things, but things that cost you some exertion – mental and, I suppose, spiritual exertion."

"I am convinced that courage is the most important of all the virtues. Because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently. You can be kind for a while; you can be generous for a while; you can be just for a while, or merciful for a while, even loving for a while. But it is only with courage that you can be persistently and insistently kind and generous and fair."


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