Monday, April 14, 2014


There are two significant astrological events today. First, Pluto, the planet of obsessions, purging and deep transformation, goes retrograde at 13 degrees Capricorn. Retrogrades shift the focus from external action to internal processes. Hence, we humans may undergo an internal “spring-cleaning” with Capricorn themes until Pluto goes direct at 10 degrees Capricorn on September 23, the season of the harvest. On a grander scale, Pluto also represents themes of power, including the ruling elite. This is an opportune time for groups representing the 99% to develop concrete strategies to address the growing chasm between the haves and have-nots. These strategies may be made public and executed in the autumn. Pluto energy is also about the process of making known cover-ups, such as those perpetuated by corporate powers or governments. Today, the Pulitzer Prizes announced the Public Service awards to The Guardian and the Washington Post for their coverage of mass surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA).

The second major event is a total lunar eclipse that occurs late Tuesday night, visible beginning around 11:00 PM on the Pacific Coast. We experience a total lunar eclipse when the Sun and our Earth and Moon align, causing the reflective light of the Moon to dim as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. This eclipse is referred to as the Blood Moon Eclipse because of the Moon’s crimson color. The Full Moon is at 25 degrees Libra, opposing the Sun at 25 degrees Aries. The energy of the eclipse may intensify our understanding and need for resolution around issues having to do with our personal needs as an individual (Aries) within the context of our relationships with others (Libra).

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