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Mercurio from the codex entitled De Sphaera d’Este c. 1470 – Milan, Italy

by Christoforo de Predis

Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Big Picture in September

This month features an emphasis on the retrograde motion of planets, signaling that there is much unfinished business. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will all be moving backwards in September, prompting us to rethink or redo our positions or our work. The aforementioned social and outer planets move more slowly, and they impact our lives for longer periods.

The inner planets of Venus and Mars continue this month in direct motion. However, the fastest-moving inner planet Mercury, which rules communication and the mind, will move into its pre-retrograde shadow on September 6 and will begin retrograde motion on September 26. Before Mercury stations, it will move from 9 degrees of Libra to 25 degrees. By September 30, its backward motion will have reached 24 degrees of Libra. Mercury will turn direct on October 18.

Keep in mind that retrograde periods affect us differently, depending on the symbolism of the sign and where Mercury retrograde occurs in our particular natal chart. This is especially true if we have planets in the degrees of Libra involved in this Mercury retrograde. Therefore, we might see alterations in thought or action in areas that are in Libra’s domain, such as diplomacy, mediation, relationships, and aesthetics. This pertains to us personally, as well as in the social milieu. Perhaps issues around social media will emerge, either on a global scale or for us personally. This could be an opportune time to rewrite passages of our novel or other written (or spoken) works. We might feel particular satisfaction in redecorating our surroundings to be in alignment with our current self.

Mars in Virgo teams up with Pluto in Capricorn in a trine aspect from September 1 through September 15.  Generally speaking, Mars is the planet of action in astrology. In mythology, Mars is the God of War. While Mars does not necessarily symbolize confrontation, its placement in a chart does suggest that we can anticipate high energy output at a particular time. On the other hand, Pluto represents raw power, death, and transformation. Consequently, Mars and Pluto in tandem indicate a time when there is an assertion of power intended to bring change. It has the potential to be a ruthless energy. In the most volatile of situations, those involved could be “fighting to the death” to survive in some activity or situation. Of course, this energy can be used in a productive manner, but the free-flowing nature of this energy can also be directed in lethal ways. Moreover, this combination of energy can signify rage, often buried.

We see Mars in another guise when it forms an opposition to Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, idealism, and spirituality. When we are in Neptune’s realm, things may not be as they appear. Consequently, we can be deceived by our perceptions or how others present themselves. On the opposite side of Neptune, we have a very earthy Mars in Virgo, which wants to operate in a reality of concrete facts and goals. One example of this dynamic is a situation where idealists don’t want to compromise with their vision, while the opposition claims this is the best we can do given the circumstances. Or, perhaps we are in a situation where one party is ready to act fast on an idea and the other party has visions but is not ready to act. This aspect is exact on September 2 and is in effect through September 12.  

Later in the month, from September 22 through September 30, we see Mars in Libra placed in another potent position. Mars is within 5 degrees of the Sun during this period. This could be a time where we assert ourselves to protect our identity and our reputation. We might also face situations where we need to advocate for our life goals.

The key lunations this month represent the Virgo-Pisces polarity. We have a New Moon at 14 Virgo 38 on September 6 at 5:52 pm PDT. This placement for the Moon suggests the desire for a practical and perhaps dutiful approach to our feelings. (The Sabian symbol for 14-15 speaks of family trees on parchment and a lace handkerchief from ancestors). Besides being a great time to engage in genealogy, this period might assist us in retaining what is of value and discarding that which has outlived its purpose. Furthermore, the aspects at this New Moon present some challenges.  Relationship-loving Venus squares powerful Pluto, an aspect that could reflect some uncomfortable power plays with others.  Simultaneously, the benefic planet Jupiter is in a trine with Venus, perhaps easing up some of the tensions with Pluto. The harsher energies could be eased also by the asteroid Pallas, which is in a conjunction with peaceful Neptune. Pallas possesses talents in strategy development and diplomacy.

The Full Moon at 28 Pisces 14 occurs on September 20 at 4:54 pm PDT. At this time, we find Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) in a conjunction with the Moon, indicating that our emotional nature could be dreamy and idealistic. Pallas remains in a conjunction with Neptune, although with a wider orb than at the New Moon. This time might best be utilized for spiritual work, artistic activities, and for peace advocacy. Your entertainment (or work) might involve activities or reading involving fantasy and the paranormal .(The Sabian Symbol for 28-29 Pisces involves light reflecting many colors as it  travels through a prism). Yet, there could be instability in our relationships when Venus forms an opposition to quirky Uranus, and is in a tense square with Saturn. Simultaneously, Venus trines confrontative Mars, reflecting a flow of energy between the two planets. . Meanwhile, verbal interactions could prove difficult with Mercury square Pluto, but Jupiter might bring some upbeat interchange with its trine to Mercury. Hopefully, the energy of the Moon, Neptune, and Pallas can help us work through these relationship challenges

Significant Days in September

Below you will find a table of astrological events for this month, including the major aspects, the key lunations, and sign changes for the planets. You can assess the quality of significant days by noting when planets form exact aspects and where all this activity takes place in your natal chart.

Here is a basic key for understanding the meaning of the aspects:

The Conjunction (0°-10°): This aspect represents the merging and fusion of energies by two (or more planets) that have joined at a particular degree (or within a specified orb). This combined energy is very potent. When this occurs, we might feel subjective about a matter in our lives.

The Sextile (60°): Planets in this formation are harmonious and lend themselves to cooperation. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says there is a quality of “coaxing” in sextiles. In other words, if we put in a little effort at these times, we can take advantage of opportunities in a situation.

The Quintile (72°): Planets in this aspect represent the type of harmony inherent in creative endeavors. It might often describe the impulse to fuse an idea into a tangible substance. Quintiles often describe the talents possessed by individuals.

The Square (90°): Planets that line up in this aspect reflect incompatible energies with contrasting needs. Consequently, we can describe this planetary relationship as tense and strained. Because these energies can be working at cross-purposes, the situation at hand may require us to make choices. The “silver lining” is that squares compel us to take action and this often results in dispelling tension. If we are conscious of the dilemma, we can use the excess energy in a matter so that we can achieve something useful.

The Trine (120°): There is an ease in the relationship between planets involved with this aspect because they are of the same element. At this time, we can perform activities with a flowing energy. We enjoy these activities, and they often reflect our innate talents. Because this energy is so comfortable, it often does not promote growth. Yet, these aspects reflect how we can be healed.

The Quincunx (150°): Planets forming this relationship appear to have nothing in common. These planets display energies that are out of step with one another. There can be an element of irritation and stress because of this, but it is not a confrontative type of energy. If we are conscious of this reality, we can make adjustments to the relationship such that we do not feel so out of sync.

The Opposition (180°): This relationship between planets brings to our awareness how something is different from our preferred position. We could be in conflict with others about a matter. Also, we might shift our preference from one point of view to its opposite. Yet, we can also find common ground in this relationship. This aspect has the potential for us to integrate our perspectives.


Date of Exact Major Aspect

Pacific Time

Aspects and Other Astrological Phenomena

September 2

10:43 AM

MARS ((22 Virgo 06) opposition NEPTUNE (22 Pisces 06)

September 3

5:12 PM

VENUS (22 Libra 04) quincunx NEPTUNE (22 Pisces 04)

September 3

10:20 PM

SUN (11 Virgo 54) quincunx CHIRON (11 Aries 54)

September 4

6:30 PM

MERCURY (07 Libra 54) trine SATURN (07 Aquarius 54)

September 5

8:07 PM

VENUS (24 Libra 32) square PLUTO (24 Capricorn 32)

September 6

5:19 AM

MARS (24 Virgo 32) trine PLUTO (24 Capricorn 32)

September 6

6:05 AM

VENUS (25 Libra 01) trine JUPITER (25 Aquarius 01)

September 6

12:07 PM

MERCURY enters pre-retrograde shadow

September 6

5:52 PM

NEW MOON IN VIRGO (14 Virgo 38)

September 6

6:29 PM

SUN (14 Virgo 40) trine URANUS (14 Taurus 40)

September 6

8:50 PM

MARS (24 Virgo 57) quincunx JUPITER (24 Aquarius 57)

September 7

9:30 PM

MERCURY (11 Libra 45) opposition CHIRON (11 Aries 45)

September 8



September 10

9:17 AM

MERCURY (14 Libra 36) quincunx URANUS (14 Taurus 36)

September 10

1:39 PM

VENUS enters Scorpio

September 11



September 14

2:21 AM

SUN (21 Virgo 47) opposition NEPTUNE (21 Pisces 47)

September 14

5:14 PM

MARS enters Libra

September 15



September 16

7:18 AM

SUN (23 Virgo 56) quincunx JUPITER (23 Aquarius 56)

September 16

6:52 PM

SUN (24 Virgo 24) trine PLUTO (24 Capricorn 24)

September 16

11:14 PM

VENUS (07 Scorpio 20) square SATURN (07 Aquarius 20)

September 17

9:18 PM

MERCURY (21 Libra 41) quincunx NEPTUNE (21 Pisces 41)

September 20

9:12 AM

VENUS (11 Scorpio 14) quincunx CHIRON (11 Aries 14)

September 20

9:54 AM

VESTA enters Scorpio

September 20

3:53 PM

MERCURY (23 Libra 32) trine JUPITER (23 Aquarius 32)

September 20

4:54 PM

FULL MOON IN PISCES (28 Pisces 14)

September 21

9:14 AM

VENUS (12 Scorpio 22) quintile PLUTO (24 Capricorn 22)

September 22

12:21 PM

SUN enters Libra

September 22

6:12 AM

MERCURY (24 Libra 22) square PLUTO (24 Capricorn 22)

September 23

2:41 AM

VENUS (14 Scorpio 19) opposition URANUS (14 Taurus 19)

September 25

2:50 PM

MARS (07 Libra 04) trine SATURN (07 Aquarius 04)

September 26

10:10 PM

MERCURY turns retrograde (25 Libra 28)

September 29

9:14 AM

VENUS (21 Scorpio 22) trine NEPTUNE(21 Pisces 22)

September 29

3:19 PM

SUN (6 Libra 59) trine SATURN (6 Aquarius 59)

September 30

4:31 PM

VENUS (22 Scorpio 49) square JUPITER (22 Aquarius 49)

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