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Annular Eclipse with Ring of Fire

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The Big Picture in June

Hold on to your hats because June is jam-packed with cosmic activity. A lunar eclipse occurred late last month and because eclipses occur in pairs, we have the second eclipse occurring at the New Moon on June 10 at 19° Gemini 47′. Only four days after this solar eclipse, on June 14, we have the second exact square this year between Saturn and Uranus, two planets with very different motives. Adding more drama to an already high-pitched month is Venus, the planet of relationships and values, which will continue in her out-of-bounds orbit through June 17, suggesting that she might not be operating by the rules. Also, at different times this month, we will have five planets in retrograde motion, indicating that those planets might demonstrate their essence through internal expression.

In the symbolism of astrology, eclipses represent periods of revelation when particular matters “come to light.” The June 10 Solar Eclipse corresponds to new starts and new cycles. This eclipse will especially affect those with planets around 19° Gemini or who have planets around 19° of the other mutable signs of Virgo and Sagittarius. Perhaps to a lesser extent, planets in your chart around 19° of any sign could feel some significant new starts.

At the time of the June 10 solar eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be transiting Donald Trump’s 10th House, the place of highest visibility, and these planets will be in a conjunction with his natal Uranus, North Node, and Sun within 3 degrees. Will Donald Trump be experiencing some surprises or jolts around the time of his birthday? It is likely that regardless of the subject matter, there will be a focus on past or present activities involving Trump.

How is the June 10 solar eclipse affecting our nation’s natal chart? If we view the Sibley chart (Koch Houses), we see that the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are transiting our nation’s seventh house of “the other.” These planets are in a conjunction (within two degrees) with the U.S. natal Mars, the planet associated with war and defense. This is the time of year when the national budget is presented for debate (Mercury) and a vote by Congress. Some elected officials are questioning the level of expenditures in the proposed defense budget (Mars) that continues to increase year after year, regardless of whether other needs are salient (like the pandemic, a crumbling infrastructure, etc.). It appears that it has become less taboo to challenge (Mars) the amount of resources our country allocates for weapons and other expenses related to “defense.” Of course, this symbolism in the transit chart of our nation could have many meanings, and this interpretation is but one possibility.

The square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is in effect all year, but these two planets reach an exact aspect three times this year. We already have experienced the first exact square in February, and on June 14, the second exact aspect will occur. As you know, the square aspect reflects a situation of tension and strain. Whatever is causing this tension can be relieved through some form of action. On a personal level, we can become aware of what it is we might feel conflicted about. Perhaps we don’t yet see an acceptable resolution to a matter, such as not wanting to compromise on something that is of great value to us. If we take some sort of action, such as voicing our concerns, it might help to ease our feelings of uncertainty or ability to cope. At the societal level, we might observe similar dynamics. For example, governments (Saturn) might decide to keep environmental standards at existing levels, but environmental activists (Uranus) insist that this change is too slow and threatens the ability of humans to sustain habitable environments. This Saturn-Uranus square symbolism can apply to various issues occurring within society that are associated with its themes.

For the better part of the month, Venus, the planet of relationships, resources, and values, is out-of-bounds, a period when she might operate unexpectedly. Perhaps on a personal level, we might act out of character with others or we might not adhere to our usual values or spending habits. However, by June 18, our typical pattern most likely will return.

The planets in retrograde motion are numerous in June. At the beginning of the month the planets Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are already in retrograde motion. However, fast-moving Mercury will station direct on June 22. Joining the retrograde club this month are Jupiter on June 20 and Neptune on June 25. According to astrology, planets in retrograde motion are inclined to revisit unfinished issues that emerged in the recent past. It can be a time of rethinking matters and redoing projects. This does not imply a period of inactivity but rather improving upon what was produced previously.

Finally, in June, we see four events of sign changes. Venus enters watery Cancer on June 2, signaling that the planet of relating and values will be influenced by the sign changes of the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. One can anticipate some moodiness in relating to others. However, by June 26, this planet of love moves into dramatic and romantic Leo. For the first 10 days of the month, the action planet Mars has been in sensitive Cancer, but he makes the switch into fiery Leo. Consequently, with both Venus and Mars in Leo, we might see people in hot pursuit of their passions. Last, but not least, we have the SUMMER SOLSTICE occurring in the evening of June 20. The Sun will now transit the nurturing sign of Cancer, which might provide some tenderness to the torrid pursuits of Venus and Mars.

Significant Days in June                                                            

Below you will find a table of astrological events for this month, including the major aspects, the key lunations, and sign changes for the planets. You can assess the quality of significant days by noting when planets form exact aspects and where all this activity takes place in your natal chart.

Here is a basic key for understanding the meaning of the aspects:

The Conjunction (0°-10°): This aspect represents the merging and fusion of energies by two (or more planets) that have joined at a particular degree (or within a specified orb). This combined energy is very potent. When this occurs, we might feel subjective about a matter in our lives.

The Sextile (60°): Planets in this formation are harmonious and lend themselves to cooperation. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says there is a quality of “coaxing” in sextiles. In other words, if we put in a little effort at these times, we can take advantage of opportunities in a situation.

The Quintile (72°): Planets in this aspect represent the type of harmony inherent in creative endeavors. It might often describe the impulse to fuse an idea into a tangible substance. Quintiles often describe the talents possessed by individuals.

The Square (90°): Planets that line up in this aspect reflect incompatible energies with contrasting needs. Consequently, we can describe this planetary relationship as tense and strained. Because these energies can be working at cross-purposes, the situation at hand may require us to make choices. The “silver lining” is that squares compel us to take action and this often results in dispelling tension. If we are conscious of the dilemma, we can use the excess energy in a matter so that we can achieve something useful.

The Trine (120°): There is an ease in the relationship between planets involved with this aspect because they are of the same element. At this time, we can perform activities with a flowing energy. We enjoy these activities, and they often reflect our innate talents. Because this energy is so comfortable, it often does not promote growth. Yet, these aspects reflect how we can be healed.

The Quincunx (150°): Planets forming this relationship appear to have nothing in common. These planets display energies that are out of step with one another. There can be an element of irritation and stress because of this, but it is not a confrontative type of energy. If we are conscious of this reality, we can make adjustments to the relationship such that we do not feel so out of sync.

The Opposition (180°): This relationship between planets brings to our awareness how something is different from our preferred position. We could be in conflict with others about a matter. Also, we might shift our preference from one point of view to its opposite. Yet, we can also find common ground in this relationship. This aspect has the potential for us to integrate our perspectives.


Date of Exact or Near Exact Aspect

Pacific Time

Astrological Event

June 2

6:18 AM

VENUS enters Cancer

June 2

4:23 AM

SUN (12 Gemini 09) sextile CHIRON (12 Aries 09)

June 2

8:18 AM

MARS (24 Cancer 30) quintile URANUS (12 Taurus 30)

June 2

1:18 PM

MERCURY (0 Cancer 21) quintile CHIRON (12 Aries 09)

June 3

12:05 PM

SUN (13 Gemini 25) trine SATURN (13 Aquarius 25)

June 3

4:33 PM

VENUS (1 Cancer 45) trine JUPITER (1 Pisces 45)

June 5

12:05 PM

MERCURY (23 Gemini 5) square NEPTUNE (23 Pisces 5)

June 5

12:45 PM

MARS (26 Cancer 28) opposition PLUTO (26 Capricorn 28)

June 10

2:53 AM


June 10

6:13 PM

SUN (20 Gemini 21) conjunction MERCURY (20 Gemini 21)

June 11

6:33 AM

MARS enters Leo

June 12

11:28 AM

VENUS (12 Cancer 28) square CHIRON (12 Aries 28)

June 12

10:38 PM

VENUS (13 Cancer 02) sextile URANUS (13 Taurus 02)

June 13

1:15 AM

VENUS (13 Cancer 10) quincunx SATURN (13 Aquarius 10)

June 13

4:39 PM

SUN (23 Gemini 10) square NEPTUNE (23 Pisces 10)

June 14

3:01 PM

SATURN (13 Aquarius 07) square URANUS (13 Taurus 07)

June 14

5:39 PM

MARS (02 Leo 08) quincunx JUPITER (02 Pisces 08)

June 15

3:13 AM

SUN (24 Gemini 32) quintile CHIRON (12 Aries 32)

June 16

10:24 PM

SUN (26 Gemini 15) quincunx PLUTO (26 Capricorn 15)

June 18

2:12 AM

VENUS leaves out-of-bounds orbit

June 20

7:18 AM

JUPITER stations Retrograde (02 Pisces 11)

June 20

8:32 PM


June 21

6:57 AM

VENUS (23 Cancer 12) trine NEPTUNE (23 Pisces 12)

June 22

1:56 PM

MERCURY stations Direct (16 Gemini 08)

June 23

3:11 AM

SUN (2 Cancer 11) trine JUPITER (2 Pisces 11)

June 23

4:24 AM

VENUS (25 Cancer 29) quintile URANUS (13 Taurus 29)

June 23

4:39 PM

VENUS (26 Cancer 07) opposition PLUTO (26 Capricorn 07)

June 23

9:28 PM

SATURN (12 Aquarius 44) sextile CHIRON (12 Aries 44)

June 24

10:40 AM

FULL MOON (Strawberry Moon) (03 Capricorn 28)

June 25

5:08 AM

NEPTUNE stations Retrograde (23 Pisces 12)

June 26

9:27 PM

VENUS enters Leo

June 28

2:31 PM

VENUS (02 Leo 05) quincunx JUPITER (02 Pisces 05)



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