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The backdrop for the month of May is the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto with the South Node in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto began its retrograde period on April 26 and on May 1 Saturn also starts its backward motion. Yet, the fast moving inner planets, i.e. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in direct motion. The day-to-day workings of our lives might appear to be operating relatively smoothly with these forward moving planets, but there might be larger issues, particularly those unresolved matters from the past, that are surfacing in our lives. Those of you who have natal planets between 20-23 degrees of Capricorn will probably feel this most intensely. However, those with natal planets in the range of 20-23 degrees of the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, and Libra) might also experience the intense impact of this conjunction. Hold on, because we are going back to the future!

Although “heavy” issues might arise for resolution, there will be some energy transitions that change the expression of our actions. Our words might still have a fiery quality during the first week of May when Mercury is transiting the last degree of Aries. By May 7, Mercury will come under the influence of the relaxed and deliberate manner of Taurus. Venus will also join the realm of steady Taurus, a sign she rules, on May 16. There will be greater appreciation of those things that we can count on. Additionally, the action planet Mars will move out of quick-moving Gemini into emotional Cancer on May 17. 

The energy that fuels our personal direction shifts when the Sun moves into Gemini about 59 minutes after midnight in the early morning hours of May 21 (PDT). Gemini sign encourages curiosity, involvement in multiple activities, and networking with others.

For the entire month of May, Mars will be out of bounds. This means that the declination of Mars exceeds that of the Sun (23°27′). Out of bounds planets might express their energy in a way that goes beyond the norms of a group or in an “over the top” manner. Therefore, we might see more acts of aggression or attempts to defend territory or principles during this period. 

Mercury will go out of bounds late in the month on May 26. Because Mercury will now be in conservative Taurus, it is conceivable that its “out of bounds” expression might not very extreme.


First Week (May 1-4)

This calendar month begins with a lot of purposeful energy, with the Moon in active Aries and its ruling planet Mars in speedy, communicative Gemini. With Mercury in a sextile with Mars, this might be an opportune time for us to say what’s on our minds and follow-up with action as we see fit.

Keep in mind that Mars is out of bounds (beyond the limits of the Sun) and the characteristics it is known for might be out of control. It could be a time when people display more aggression or they simply need to be more active than usual.
Because the heavy planets Saturn and Pluto are now moving retrograde and conjunct the lunar South Node, our focus on communication and action might be related to our need to release something from the past that might be weighing us down. 

With Mercury squaring the Nodes, we might face a situation where we weigh alternatives. With Mercury also squaring Saturn, the choice we make might require some structural changes in our lives. As Mars forms a quincunx with Saturn, it signals that we might need to make adjustments to arrive at a workable solution.
On Saturday, we have a New Moon in Taurus (14°11′).This is a time when we reset our emotional perspective for the month. The sign of Taurus reminds us that we can optimally tend to our responsibilities if we also allow ourselves to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of life. Therefore, it would be appropriate to set intentions for the next month with this theme in mind.

Second Week (May 5-11)

On Sunday, we get an urge to take off with Mars in Gemini, and this action Jackson quality is magnified when this planet opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. At the same time, Mars feels out of sorts when it meets deep and profound Pluto in a quincunx, an aspect that reflects a situation where two sets of interests have nothing in common. Therefore, some adjustment has to come about in order for things to move forward. 

At the beginning of the workweek, Venus (in Aries) the planet of relationships and values, encounters some disagreeable situations when she squares the Nodes and Saturn. This could involve a situation where we need to make a choice and possibly a commitment. Additionally, someone in authority might disagree with us. When Mercury conjuncts rebellious Uranus mid-week, we could feel the urge to speak our minds about a matter regardless of the consequences. Will you choose to be authentic or will you play it safe? The choice is yours.

Toward the end of the week, our buoyant and optimistic persona (Venus trine Jupiter) might give us an advantage when we confront either a powerful person or a profound situation (Venus square Pluto).

By week’s end, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We see evidence that we can take steps toward our desired path as the Sun sextiles the Nodes and Mercury quintiles the Nodes. Moreover, we are aware of how we can structure our plans, as the Sun trines concrete Saturn. 

Third Week (May 12-18) 

Being in tune with our personal power can give us the wherewithal to tweak items that are not consistent with our personal plans (Sun trine Pluto and Sun quincunx Jupiter). 

We get opportunities mid-week to work on relationships, whether at work or in the personal sphere (Venus sextile Mars). The energies work well together in this effort as Venus in the last degrees of Aries is in a sign ruled by Mars. This reflects the need for an active mind in relating. 

Mercury, ruling the mind and communication, is very active this week. At the start of the week, there are communication opportunities of a spiritual and artistic nature when Mercury sextiles Neptune and the Nodes. Later in the week, there is harmony (trine) with serious and profound matters as Mercury encounters Saturn and Pluto. However, practical thinking might not jive with the expansive leanings of Jupiter as they form a quincunx on Friday.

On Saturday, our need for relating or our values get tested when Venus meets up with the shock jock Uranus. Both signs are in sensuous Taurus, so you know where this encounter might end up (wink, wink).

We have a Full Moon(27°39′ Scorpio) at 2:12 pm PDT. Full moons are about the culmination of a cycle that began at the New Moon two weeks before. Whatever was germinated at that time is ready for the harvest, metaphorically speaking. Scorpio represents intense energy that can go deep, whether emotionally or for investigation. This may be the time to get to the truth of a matter. 

Fourth Week (May 19-25) 

A great deal of harmonious energy is the hallmark of this week, so we can go with the flow here. Creative Venus quintiles the Nodes while artsy Neptune trines the Nodes. This is a high time for artists of all stripes and diplomats as well (the latter being in high demand).

High forms of communication get the nod as the Sun conjuncts Mercury midweek. Creative writers can thrive as the Sun and Neptune are in a quintile formation at this time. 

Healers of all types can be at their best as Pluto and Chiron form a quintile and Mercury sextiles Chiron. This is a positive time for healing that goes deep, such as psychotherapy. Mars now in sensitive Cancer squares Chiron, which suggests a need to release on an emotional level. Mars sextile Uranus indicates that innovative therapies might be a viable direction for us. Uranus also rules electricity, so any modalities that use electric impulses might be something to consider.     
Fifth Week (May 26-31)

The theme of healing gets carried over into this last week of May with aspects to Chiron. The first three days of this week could involve an inventory of the self in order to address some healing issue. Sun sextile Chiron and Mercury quintile Chiron encourage this focus.

The rest of this week is a hodgepodge of energies. Aside from encouraging us to do some healing, Mercury (communication and thought processing) seems to struggle in finding a comfortable note this week. Mercury squares Neptune, quincunxes Saturn, opposes Jupiter, and finally quincunxes Pluto. It seems to me that we don’t want to be too airy fairy and overly optimistic, yet we might struggle in dealing with anything too heavy. Go figure.

This appears to be a week to indulge oneself in the art world. Venus sextiles the Nodes, sextiles Neptune, and trines Saturn. Lovely!




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