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Portrait of the twins Ercole Gioseffo and Angiola Maria Riario 
By Niccolò Musso (1590 - after 1622) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Big Picture

We open the month of June in the waning phase of the Moon’s cycle. Our energy reached a crescendo at the Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius on May 29, and if we go with the flow, we can tie up loose ends on our projects before the New Moon arrives in a couple of weeks. We will then be prepared to develop new intentions and initiate new projects.

On the first day of June, we observe a water grand trine between Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Scorpio. Trines represent energy of the same element that flow together with ease. However, the resulting energy is not necessarily positive by our standards. Sometimes this compatibility can work together to wreck havoc. Nonetheless, this energy in the water element is about our emotions. This trine aspect incorporates an opposition aspect, so that we actually have a kite formation. The oppositions that are formed are between Venus and the Moon in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn. All this Capricorn energy brings purposefulness and serious intent to whatever situation that arises at this time.

The Sun spends most of its time this month in social Gemini. Its planetary ruler, Mercury, is also in Gemini through June 12. The early part of June is the ideal time to connect with others, whether in group activities or in one-to-one get-togethers. In business, the sharing of information and networking is highlighted during this period. This is prime time for all forms of communication.

At the start of the month, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in a retrograde phase, which is often described as a period when there is an internal focus of energy rather than outward expression. Later in the month, two more planets begin moving retrograde. The slow-moving outward planet Neptune will start its retrograde motion on June 18 and will not move direct until late November. Meanwhile, Mars in Aquarius will turn retrograde on June 26 and will not change direction until late August, where it will have reached the late degrees of Capricorn. Mars will complete its transit of Aquarius in mid-November.

The action planet Mars turns direction in Aquarius, the sign that is concerned with group activities with like-minded people. Aquarius is also associated with progress and moving society into directions that will benefit the masses. Mars will retrace the last degrees of Capricorn, a sign that is often associated with the maintenance of traditions. What do we choose to maintain and what needs revamping for the sake of progress? This question might be particularly appropriate at this time.

With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer in the latter part of June, will we see more efforts to assist mothers and their children? One prime example is the situation at the border, where children have been separated from their mothers, women who have entered the U.S. without authorization. Will there be sufficient compassion to deal humanely with a situation that is severely harming these children? 

The First Week (June 1-2)

During these first couple of days of June, the Moon moves from duty-bound Capricorn on Friday to more independent Aquarius on Saturday. If we work hard on Friday, we have more than earned our due for activities with groups that attract like-minded people. 

We might find it hard to find common ground and communicate with authority figures (Mercury quincunx Saturn) but delving into areas that satisfy our sense of aesthetics and imagination (Venus trine Neptune) is probably more rewarding. Give yourself permission to talk to others about any emotional issues that arise rather than to hold in your feelings.

The Second Week (June 3-9)

A lot is going on this week, even if most of it is of a mental nature. When we direct our talents to some form of healing, we can shine, particularly if we impart this information to others (Sun and Mercury quintile Chiron). In fact, a strobe light is focused on all forms of communication (Mercury conjunct the Sun). 

Life in general calls upon us to make course corrections, and this week we might have an epiphany that calls us to tweak our long-term plans to be more in sync with our individual development and new mindset (Sun and Mercury quincunx Jupiter). Perhaps we are getting the message that we should transform our values (Venus opposes Pluto) and that our idealism is at odds with our path (Sun and Mercury square Neptune). 

The Third Week (June 10-16)

The highlight this week is the New Moon at 22° Gemini at 11:43 am PDT on Wednesday, June 13. The Sabian symbol for this degree speaks of dancing couples at an event. Gemini is the sign that speaks of duality and doing things in partnership. It is also the symbol of siblings, such as that of the painting that appears before this article. So, put on your dancing shoes, and find a partner!

With Mercury now in sensitive Cancer, we are aware of words that can be wounding or expressions of love that can be healing or both (Mercury square Chiron in Aries and Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries). Uranus, the planet that propels quirky behavior or genius ideas interacts with both Mercury and Venus, so be open to new solutions to issues that emerge (Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus square Uranus).

 We might encounter (individually or at the societal level) viewpoints at odds with the parties involved, where the sides fail to see common ground (Mercury opposes Saturn and Mercury quincunx Mars). 

The Fourth Week (June 17-23)

There could be multiple standoff situations this week. Some of these might involve women versus men, whether in personal relationships or at a higher policy level (Venus opposes Mars and Venus quincunx Saturn). Whatever the situation where wounding is involved, unconventional or progressive thinking and communication can help mend matters (Mercury quintile Uranus, Sun square Chiron and Sun sextile Uranus).

This week shows promise for ideas and communication that aims high and shows imagination. Look for opportunities within your personal life or at the societal level for applying this idealism (Mercury trine Jupiter and Neptune).

The Fifth Week (June 24-30)

The highlight of this week is the Full Moon at 6° Capricorn at 8:53 PDT on Wednesday, June 26. The Sabian Symbol for this degree says this is like logs lying under an archway that leads to darker woods, At this lunation, we have reached a culmination of energy, and we need to make sure that whatever we have undertaken up to this point is complete before we move on to new territory.
Tense aspects dominate this week. People are at odds, particularly the minions with those in authority. (Sun opposes Saturn and Sun quincunx Mars). One faction might urge that a matter be thoroughly researched, while another segment might support a lighthearted approach (Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio). Nevertheless, people are willing to come up with solutions, but the process for complete resolution might require a longer process of transformation. (Mercury trine Chiron and Pluto quintile Chiron)

May you all have a rewarding month of June!

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