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Rather than write long narrative pieces on the astrological climate of the month, I want to point out some themes that affect the entire month or a good portion of the month. Then I will note days when there are important aspects between planets or noteworthy transitions from one sign into the next one. 

Themes for the Month

During the entire month of July and possibly up to the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, we might feel an inability to grasp what is true and what is in the realm of imagining. The quincunx aspect is operating between the philosophical energies of Jupiter, which is expansive, and the imaginative and often illusory energies of Neptune. This is a situation where it is impossible to reconcile these qualities but adjustments are called for to work with these energies in our lives. By the time we experience the eclipse, we might have the “aha” moment that assists us in understanding why these dynamics have been in play, as well as the meaning of other issues in our lives.

A week into July, we may find ourselves in tense situations where there are quirky conflicts. Be aware of people who may be volatile. Mars (fighting or protecting energy) squares Uranus (erratic or sudden expression of energy) at this time. This might be a good time to take action on a matter that requires courage but refrain from combat. Be cautious with sharp tools or cutlery and handle electrical equipment with care. By the last week of July, this energy will dissipate. 

Short-term Themes

 (July 1-July 3) During these days, Mercury opposes Pluto. We might suppress communication at this time, or we might need to investigate a matter and conduct research. Subversive material may be uncovered. 

(July 1-July 4) At this time, Mars opposes Pluto. A situation that no longer serves a purpose may need to be confronted and expunged. This dynamic may pit people who are ready for action on an issue versus the powerful who have a stake in things remaining the same. On a less serious but productive note, this is an excellent time to have the personal drive to clean out areas where you have a lot of useless items. 

(July 1-July 8th and exact on July 4) Mercury square Uranus. We might see expressions of revolutionary thinking or want to apply “out of the box” approaches to address problems.

(July 4) Venus moves into Gemini and this might increase our urge to partner with others, whether that is in business situations or in personal relationships. Until the end of the month, networking is particularly favored.

(July 5/6) Mercury moves into Leo and we want to express ourselves outwardly and we want to be acknowledged for our ideas.

 (July 9) Pluto opposes the Sun and we might be in a situation that requires that we examine an aspect of our personality that requires deep transformation.

(July 8/9) Full Moon in Capricorn signals that we have reached a point for bringing something into fruition. This is a good time to be practical and move some projects forward. We might ask ourselves how we can build necessary structures for accomplishing what we want.

(July 14-July 24) Mercury trines Saturn signals that this is a good time to be serious about how we communicate our goals. A good time to make decisions on where we want to focus our energy. 

(July 20) Mars goes into Leo and this planet of action wants to be in charge and oversee others as well. A good period (about two months) for saying yes to leading a project.

(July 23) New Moon in Leo reinforces our emotional needs for wanting to take center stage and for calling forth our creative energies. Over the next month, we want to be seen and applauded.

(July 23-24) Venus opposes Saturn and we become aware that we might not immediately get what we desire, but our hard work may eventually have its rewards.

(July 25/26) Mercury moves into Virgo and we are able to use our sharp analytical skills to assess situations and to bring quality to tasks for which we are responsible. 

(July 26) Sun conjuncts Mars and this time calls for us to keep a cool head in hot situations. Watch out for aggressive people.

(July 31) Venus moves into Cancer and our need for love and beauty may be turned inward into our domestic situations and home environments.

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