Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Moon in Capricorn and the Sun’s Transition into Leo

Leo the Lion statue, Alexandra Park, North London

 Julian Osley [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Moon in Capricorn reached its full phase at 3:56 pm PDT on July 19, which symbolized a period of culmination for the emotional issues brought into play at the Cancer New Moon on July 4. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn both have a need for security. The full moon represents an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. We see the theme of security once again highlighted as the Cancer Sun opposed the Capricorn Moon. What may not have been visible to us just two weeks ago emerged during the full moon, and this energy enabled us to understand where we might require an attitude of give and take, particularly with respect to another person in our life. If we encountered conflicting needs for security, this was the time to air differences and propose strategies to address both sets of needs. Of course, compromise is not always appropriate, and it is during this phase that we may become acutely aware of this stance.
In its transit of the zodiac, the Sun expresses itself through the energies of the twelve signs, alternating between the receptive and the active states. On July 22, the Sun leaves the inward oriented and receptive state of Cancer, moving into the sign it rules. In Leo, the Sun is in its full glory of creative expression. Leo is the point in the zodiac where personality development is the focus of attention. This is where we engage in childlike play and immerse ourselves in activities that provide us joy. In the realm of Leo, we develop our capacity to love and be loved by those who are not our family. Leo is about the heart, both figuratively and literally, since in astrological symbolism, it rules this vital organ. While Cancer asked us to understand our security needs, Leo beckons us to have heart by taking some risks. 

Although Leo lightens us up a bit, the astrological climate is still ripe for emotional intensity. The energetic sign of Mars is still in the latter degrees of Scorpio, a sign that travels to great depths within the psyche, and it its rawest form, it may be prone to feelings of revenge. It will move out of Scorpio during the first week of August. These potential feelings of revenge are echoed as well by the placement of the asteroid Eris, who symbolizes the human experience of being excluded by others. Eris is presently conjunct Uranus, the planet of upheaval and sudden events. Sadly, we have seen recently many violent examples of these occurrences throughout the world.

In difficult and painful times, it may do us tremendous good to be the child that Leo asks us to be. Children have that capacity to be in the moment and be joyful. Take heart while the Sun transits Leo!

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