Sunday, August 23, 2015


Photo of a white lily taken by Chris Gonzalez at the Fort Mason Community Garden

The sun began its transit of the sign of Virgo on Sunday, August 23 at 3:37 am PDT. The sun has had a full month in Leo where it shone its light on the area of our natal chart that begs for participation in creative endeavors, particularly those that bring us applause, or at least appreciation. Now, the focus is on the Virgo archetype, which is symbolized by the more modest Virgin who seeks to refine and purify in a quest for improvement and health. This process involves the qualities of discrimination and discernment in order to decide what quality elements of our life deserve to be retained and what things serve little purpose and therefore can be discarded . In my mind, the white lily is the perfect flower representation of Virgo and her concerns for purity. 

For more information about the sign of Virgo, you may want refer to my article posted at my old blog. Here is the link:


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