Friday, August 14, 2015


Today, Friday August 14, is eventful from an astrological point of view because we begin a new lunar cycle. This New Moon occurred just before 8:00 am PDT and it will stay in the sign of Leo only until 11:45 pm PDT when it begins its transit of Virgo. Incidentally, the Leo Moon is void of course at 8:36 pm PDT when it ceases to make aspects to other planetary bodies. 

Symbolically, the New Moon represents a new phase that calls attention to particular emotional needs. When the Moon is in Leo, we want recognition and we want to be loved and to love others. Leos often go to great lengths to project their personalities, and that is why many seem to gravitate to activities where they can be on stage, whether that is serving as a top executive at a big business or acting before a large audience. When the luminaries are conjunct, we get a double dose of what that sign represents, so today the energy calls attention to our emotional and ego needs to shine and be appreciated. This is an appropriate time to develop intentions on how to meet these needs more effectively.

Yet, there seems to be another message on this day. The Moon transitions into Virgo shortly before midnight, and we are presented with a much more responsible and contained energy. It seems almost as if we are given the signal to party hearty with the proviso to clean up afterwards. But hey, 15 hours of partying is nothing to sneeze at, so enjoy and don’t forget to pack some wipes in your bag!

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